Clarification: Graceful Crane and Feather-Foot

Graceful Crane Stance
The Solar Exalted are as graceful as sunlight on water. This Charm lets the Exalt automatically succeed on any valid Athletics action to keep his balance. Moreover, this Charm allows the Exalt to keep his footing on any surface at least as strong and wide as a human hair. He treats it as a three-footwide ledge capable of supporting a thousand pounds of weight when determining what movement and Athletics actions he can take and what penalties to them might apply.

Feather-Foot Style
Prerequisite Charms: Graceful Crane Stance
The Lawgivers tread lightly when they choose. This Charm allows the Solar to run or walk on unstable surfaces (using the Move and Dash actions) as if she weighed no more than a feather. This makes surfaces such as rice paper, water, lava and writhing maggots effectively solid beneath her feet—though not necessarily harmless. To stop and stand on such a surface requires a successful reflexive difficulty 2 (Dexterity + Athletics) roll for each action in which the character wishes to maintain balance.

  • The main difference between the 2 charm is weight. Graceful Crane does nothing to reduce the weight of the Exalted. It only allows her to perform Movement and Athletic Actions on that surface as if it can support 1000 pounds and is a 3 foot-wide ledge. While she can run vertically by stepping off leaves, she cannot at any moment stop on top of a leaf without it dropping like a rock. Graceful crane only allows movement actions from the surface.
  • Feather-Foot style actually reduce the weight of the Exalted (and everything she carries) as no more than a feather. She can walk across pressure sensors and only register as if a feather landed on it. Something Graceful crane cannot do. She can also stop and stand on surfaces, which graceful crane cannot do.
  • Graceful Crane actually have a surface requirement. It has to be as strong and wide as a human hair – meaning water does not qualify, only things floating on top of water. Feather-Food Style is under no such limitations. As long as it can support a feather (which human hair can).
  • Also the two charms can be combined. If a person uses feather foot and graceful crane together he can stand and stop on surfaces without needing to make any rolls. Since Graceful Crane automatically succeeds in any rolls to maintain balance.
    • They are both scene long charms, so you can just use 2 actions, as opposed to putting them in a combo (Both are Combo-Ok, Reflexive)
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