Counterattacks Step

Some defenders have artifacts, Charms or other magic granting them access to counterattacks. A counterattack is resolved at this stage as if it were a normal attack launched by the victim against the aggressor. A counterattack hits simultaneously with the attack that triggered it and follows the usual steps 1-8 of the attack-resolution process. However, characters may not use one counterattack to retaliate against another counterattack.

  • It hits simultanously means even if the Original Attack kills you, your counter attack still happen
  • Counterattacks does not affect the tick on which you act. So if you counter attack at Tick 4 with a Speed 6 Weapon and your next action is at Tick 5, you still act on Tick 5 - and not Tick 10.

Counterattack Tag

something extra that happens during the course of attack resolution, usually but not always the defender counterattacking the attacker. Characters cannot use counterattacks to respond to other counterattacks, and characters cannot use multiple counterattacks to respond to a single attack unless otherwise stated. Making a counterattack imposes a cumulative counterattack penalty of -1 to your DV until your next action.

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