Charm Concept: Creature of Darkness

Some Charms have special effects against “creatures of darkness.” These are the enemies of the world, so named — where judgment is required — by the judgment of the Unconquered Sun. These include, but are not limited to: Yozis, demons, Neverborn, walking dead, ghosts, Deathlords, unshaped Fair Folk, Abyssal Exalted and Infernal Exalted. The Storyteller can make exceptions or add other groups to this list as appropriate. A sympathetic ghost might not be a creature of darkness, while a horror that eats at the world’s heart would be.


Unless your Storyteller tells you otherwise, it’s safe to assume that you’ll fight creatures of darkness at some point during the game — but it might not happen very often. If you want the visceral thrill of smiting evil with holy power instead of consummate skill, or if you’ll be fighting demons and walking dead on a regular basis, then it’s worth taking Charms that hurt creatures of darkness.

Setting Modification

In my setting all classifications are made on an individual basis. While some rule are consistent - such as all Yozis are Creatures of Darkness. The Most Upon High weighted each individual case and passed judgement on an individual level. Thus the actions of each can at any time modify these classifications, though it would be difficult indeed. Creature of Darkness is not judged on actions but more judged on their fundamental character. If it were only based on actions then a Solar that murdered 10,000 children because he wanted to hear them scream should be a Creature of Darkness - since a Akuma is automatic considered one even if he committed no other crime than sucumbing to an being infinitely more powerful than him - alas they were not. There is no mention of most Solars in the First Age being declared Creature of Darkness before or after the Unconquered Sun's disappointment. I understand that part of this is to not box in the player characters and/or to make right and wrong in regards to Solar more ambiguous; nonetheless I still had to make the rules fit the setting.

Once condemned, it would take the Unconquered Sun's mind change to modify. The idea that if you kill the Unconquered Sun then the classification automatically disappear does not fit the world view. The World is a machine that accepts instructions. It does not require the Unconquered Sun's constant attemption/judgement to function thus. I really don't see the Primordials as lazy as they are making the world function that requires their constant judgement.

  • Yozis, Demons, Neverborn, Deathlords, and Unshaped Fair Folk are no brainers. They are spirits and thus defined by their existence. Their judgement to be Creature of Darkness is straight forward. Though if the Operation Fluffy Bunny succed - Being defined by their Charms the Solars underwent the operation to massively does so and spiritualforms the Yozis by creating new Infernal Charms that slowly over time shifts the concepts of the Yozis - then the new Pear Bunny would no longer be a Creature of Darkness
    • By the same token it would take an Demon extraordinary action to ever lose the CoD status. GM envisions no way for this to happen, thus it is more of a theoretical possibility as opposed to an practical one.
  • Walking Deads are considered Creature of Darkness, since without fail they are made using the principles of, or literal, energy of the Underworld.
    • Even the "good" walking deads made for labor by the Sijon Mortician's guide are considered Creatures of Darkness
  • Sentient Ghosts are not considered Creatures of Darkness, their creation is not categorically related to malice or direct involvement of the energies of underworld. They are a quirk of existence that happened when the Underworld is born
  • Hungry Ghosts are considered Creatures of Darkness due to their violent and homicidal nature
  • Abyssal Exalted are not automatically considered Creatures of Darkness. Their free will protects them from such automatic classification. Only those who committed truly heinous crimes are marked thus. If the Great Curse ridden Solars of the First Age were not decleared Creatures of Darkness I find no grounds to automatically label an Abyssal as thus. Their Spark is basically the same as that of a Solar only slightly modified. Thus their classification to be a Creature of Darkness is about as difficult as a especially evil Solar being marked Creature of Darkness for his crimes.
  • Infernal Exalted by their very nature are intimately linked to Yozis. Yozis are defined by their Charms and the power of the Infernal Exalted are these very defining concepts. Thus they fall into the same category of beings as Akumas and are Creatures of Darkness
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