Modified: Stacking Damage Multipliers

From what I remember of reading the various charms there exists no soak multiplier charms. Nor do I remember seeing any Half Pre-soak damage charms. This means soak growth is far far far slower than damage. This is greatly disadvantageous towards the soaker - unless you have a perfect soak.

I don't like the influence this have on the game mechanics and Combat, especially in relations to things such as Sieges and Mortals. Thus I am purposing this tenative Ruling

You cannot stack damage multipliers1

Thus unless specifically excluded from this rule, you use the most beneficial of the multiplier. In all normal cases that I can think of, this means Pre-soak multiplier. This is because I took out Minimum Damage even if you don't penetrate soak).

Pre-Soak Multiplier
(Dmg * 2) - Armor = 2*Armor - Soak

Post-Soak Multiplier
(Dmg - Soak) * 2 = 2*Armor - 2*Soak

Thus if you have an Pre-soak multiplier, there is no reason to add a Post-Soak modifier. The only exception to this is you added into the combo charms, or have effects, that specifically adds to Post-Soak Damage.

As much as I hate the standard damage rules, in this case it is more interesting. Since it involves more of a trade off. Let say you have Essence 5, damage of 8, and enemy have soak of 15

  • If pre-soak double you still do only 5 Dice of damage (8x2 = 16 - 15 = 1, less than Essence of 5 so 5 dice dmg)
  • If post-soak double you will do 10 (8 - 15 = -8, less than Essence 5 so 5 dice of damage, x2 = 10)

Of course this adds in the problem if being dink-ed to death by a hundred strength 1 Enlightened Mortals with nothing more than their bare fists … while wearing a mountain sized Orichalcum Warstrider with Soak of over 9000!

Thus I picked the lesser of 2 evils, ends up making aforementioned Pre-soak is king is the result. Since now you need to penetrate soak before you do minimum damage. Lets use the same example as above

  • If pre-soak double you do 5 dice of damage (8x2 = 16 - 15 = 1, so 5 damage)
  • If post-soak double you will do 0 damage (8 - 15 = -7 x2 = 0)
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