Addition: Defend Others

Adopted from the Official White Wolf Scroll of Errata (Wiki Link)

  • Without Charms, defending another individual is a Speed 5, DV -1 Miscellaneous Action
  • It requires that the character be able to reach the ward (1 tick of movement or dash, though Dash will be a flurry),
    • The Ward can run away or to the protector as he/she wishes, this would modify this distance
      • So if a Ward that is faster than you doesn't want to be protected, you won't be able to catch up, so you cannot defend them thus.
  • It can be flurried but requires the defender to be able to reach ward within the tick/action
    • If possible it is best if the Wards all meet him half way
  • It also requires the character to be able to interdict the attack
    • Cannot use Perfect Dodge since that just moves himself out of the way (Even if he tries to rams/grabs the Ward out of the way if he uses Perfect Dodge he would end up "dodging" the Ward)
    • Cannot use bare hands to parry a lethal attack without a stunt
    • Cannot normally parry Environemental Effects
    • etc.
  • Then the protector can roll his defense skill modified by the ward's DV.
    • Simply put, you add the successes you get on the Dexterity + Dodge/Melee/etc. to the defender's DV
    • The 2 DVs does not have to be the same.
      • You can block the attack while the ward duck behind you (Parry + Dodge DV)
      • You can grab the ward and you both jump (Dodge + Dodge DV)
      • You can both parry (Parry + Parry DV)
      • You can push the ward out of the way while he tries to parry the attack (Dodge + Parry)
  • A Botch on this roll applies half the dice pool as negative DV to the Ward
    • This is a straight modifier and not rolled
  • If the attack achieves threshold by more than the modifier applied to the DV then the attacker can chose to damage either protector or ward
    • This means in the case of a botch, if he hit, he can always choose to damage either person (0 > negative value)
    • Otherwise he deals damage to the protector
  • Team Work adds 1 Dice to the protector's dice pool
    • If attacker hits then he can choose to damage anyone in the team
    • He would still need to overcome the DV modifier as threshold to damage the ward

E.g: Let say Alabaster tries to get Flawless Oak out of the way of an attack. Flawless Oak did not see the attack coming, thus he has 0 DV. Alabaster rolls his Dexterity + Dodge and gets 5 successes, Flawless Oak now have a DV of 5. The sniper rolls his attack roll and gets 6 successes. He successfully hit despite the interference but he was not skillful enough to compensate for Alabaster's fast action (only 1 threshold, he needed 5 threshold to hit Flawless Oak) and instead hit the selfless Alabaster.

Side effect of this ruling is of course this:

  • Perfect Parry is king at defending others (since you always successfully parry the attack)
  • Perfect Soak is 2nd best (since you still can save the target if the attacker did not roll high enough)
  • Perfect Dodge cannot be used to protect others
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