Addition: Difference in Solar Castes

I been thinking about why the Daiklave of Conquest is specifically only Dawn Caste. I know it is a carry over from First Edition where there are specific artifacts just for the castes. The question is why? Since each caste can easily pick favorite skill from another caste and be in most ways indistinguishable.

There is no reason why the only constant difference between castes, their anima, is required to power the Daiklave of Conquest. Or why the artifact would be specifically made with such limitations if there are not some innate necessity.

It is easily justified for Lunars, for their anima affects have physical alterations. Full Moon Caste actually moves faster and lifts more, so an artifact can be so dense/heavy that you need the Full Moon Anima to use correct, etc. It is not so clear for Solars.

Thus to justify such endeavors, I am putting the following rules into play.

Once you past Essence 5, Solars are considered 1 Essence lower to meet the requirement to learn Charms in abilities not of their Caste. So an Essence 6 Dawn can learn Essence 6 Melee Charms, while any other caste cannot learn Essence 6 Charms till they are Essence 7.

This is a HUGE deal in the sense of world setting, but not so much in the sense of any standard campaign. This also adds more importance to the importance of Perfect Circles as they have access to all Essence 6 Solar Charms sooner.

Keep in mind that this is only for charm acquisition. Once learned it uses their full Essence score to determine effects.

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