Essence Sight

Artifact lenses that provide Essence Sight (such as those in suits of dragon armor) convert patterns and flows of Essence into visual data without needing actual illumination. This type of Essence Sight can pierce darkness, fog, smoke, precipitation, light underbrush and all other visual obstructions up to solid barriers an inch thick. Objects appear in surreal hues through the lenses, but otherwise appear exactly as they are, meaning there is no loss of sensory information. Only Essence-charged visual obstructions, such as those created with spells or Charms, can obstruct Essence sight, and then only if they do not simply create or summon a mundane phenomenon.

  • This is pretty much Thermo-vision based on Essence instead of Heat
  • It also allows the user to see actual flow of Essence (since it translates it as data)
    • This opens up the possibility of allowing the user to identify non-obvious charms/active essence effects with (Perception+Occult) and lots of other possibilities
    • Keep in mind this seems Essence Flow and Effects done with Essence. So if a Solar used Excellency to disguise himself, Essence sight will not identify the disguise after the fact - since it is not an active effect.
    • But should the character have Infinite (Ability) Mastery On, the GM should allow the character to roll (Perception+Appropriate Ability) to identify the Charm, or (Perception+Occult) to notice there is an active Charm Effect.
  • Essence sight also doesn't automatically means you see someone. It just gives bonus to detect them (such as negate darkness, cover, etc.) You can hide from Essence Sight if you know its limitations - just like you can hide from Thermo-vision.
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