Four Flaws of Invulnerability (Updated)

Standard perfect defenses against physical attacks are a cheap way to entirely ignore attacks, but each has one of four flaws. A given Solar may learn any number of these perfect defense Charms (including buying the same Charm twice), but he can only choose a maximum of two different flaws among all the standard perfect defenses.

For instance, he can choose Adamant Skin Technique with the Conviction Flaw, Heavenly Guardian Defense with the Conviction Flaw and Seven Shadow Evasion with the Temperance Flaw.

Compassion Flaw

The Exalt can only use this Charm when in the presence of someone or something he cares about.

Conviction Flaw

Charms carrying this Flaw do not function when the character has taken some action during the scene that is contrary to her Motivation. If, during the scene, she has acted against any Intimacy, or a Virtue she has rated at 3+, then Charms with this Flaw add a +3m surcharge to their activation cost.1

Temperance Flaw

The Exalt cannot take movement actions such as move, dash, flight, teleportation or jumping until his DV refreshes twice.

Valor Flaw

The Exalt must move toward the opponent he considers most dangerous, on every tick where this is possible without magic, until his DV refreshes twice.

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