Getting Rid of Specialties

Currently there is a Hard Cap of total of 3 +1 specialties for any given Ability. I think the cap is fine. Rising the cap will introduce more issues than it solves.

So I am writing this rule for make Specialties less permanent.

Specialties cost 3 Experience Points for a +1.

Everytime you upgrade a ability you can lower each Specialty in that Ability by 1 and get back 1 experience points.

E.g. Let say you have Melee 2 and +2 in Sword and +1 in Axes. You then raise your Melee to 3, you can lower Sword to +1 and Axe to +0 and gain 2 experience points back.

In the same situation if you raise Melee by 2 dots to 4, you can lower Sword by –2 to 0, and Axe by –1 to 0 and get 3 Experience Points back.

So yes with enough specialties you can actually get a skill for free. However, under no circumstance are you allowed to gain positive exp for giving up specialties when raising skills. The Extra Exp are simply lost.

E.g. Let say you have Presence as Favorite Skill and is at Skill 1. Let say you have +1 for Against all Odds, Inspire Confidence, Intimidation, and you raise the skill to 2, costing 1 exp. You can chose to give up all 3 Specialties but you will only receive 1 exp back not 3. The 2 other Exp are lost.

If you want to give up a Specialty for whatever reason you can as well. You can chose to lose a +1 from any number of specialties at the end of any session or when getting long term rewards. However, if corresponding abilities were not increased you gain no exp what so ever.

I think the above rule set makes it more flexible if you chose your Specialties wrongly. It is still heavy handed enough to prevent changing specialties from coming a whimsical endeavor.

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