Intimacy vs. Motivation

As it stands right now the game superimposes extreme values on Motivation. All commands that go against motivation are Unacceptable Orders.

This means a person will sacrifice their intimacies unconditionally in the face of their motivation. E.g. the power hungry abyssal will always destroy the love of his life when faced with the alternative of abandoning his quest for power however temporary and brief.

The rule as it stands right now does not take into account severity. The slightest bend to Motivation is worth infinitely more than the most atrocious betrayal of Intimacies.

So I am changing it.

If the character is under social influence and Intimacies conflict with Motivations, he can choose to follow either as appropriate to the severity of the choices. He is not automatically required to refuse any action that goes against his motivation.

Keep in mind this will severely weaken your character’s resolve in the face of social attacks, but I think it’s a bit more realistic than what the game has right now.

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