Magical Material Bonus: Melee Weapons

Artifact melee weapons (and those hand-to-hand weapons designed for use with the Martial Arts Ability) are usually forged from an alloy of steel and one of the five magical materials. When attuned by an Exalt of the correct type, such weapons are even more efficient and deadly.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum hand-to-hand weapons excel at no one thing but are of superlative speed and accuracy in the hands of their Solar masters. They add +1 to Accuracy, Defense and Rate when wielded by Solar Exalted.

Moonsilver: Moonsilver melee weapons, like their wielders, can change shape. Though they are far from protean, they strike with a fluid grace and penetrate guards with unnatural ease. They are at +2 Accuracy and +2 defense in the hands of Lunar Exalted.

Jade: The jade-alloy weapons of the Dragon-Blooded bind the wielder to the elements from which her powers spring. A Dragon-Blooded character wielding a jade hand-to-hand weapon strikes with the speed and might of a thunderbolt, avalanche or waterfall. Jade melee weapons gain a -1 Speed bonus and +1 Damage.

Starmetal: Starmetal hand-to-hand weapons are weapons of fate, destined to strike the most lethal blows. Though Sidereal Exalts are not the most warlike of the Exalted, their baleful weapons are among the most feared. Starmetal weapons add +1 Accuracy and +3 Damage in the hands of a Sidereal.

Soulsteel: Soulsteel melee weapons are forged from human souls alloyed with frigid black stone from the caverns beneath the Underworld. When a soulsteel weapon strikes a target, it drains her warmth to fi ll the endless cold that exists within itself. In the hands of an Abyssal Exalt, a soulsteel melee weapon is +2 Accuracy and drains a number of motes of Essence equal to the wielder’s permanent Essence whenever it strikes a target and inflicts at least one health level of damage.

Adamant: Adamant melee weapons have extremely sharp cutting edges and jagged extrusions that either make the damage piercing or impose a -4 soak penalty after halving soak if the attack is already piercing.

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