Magical Material Bonus: Range Weapons

Artifact powerbows and thrown weapons are designed to contain one of the five magical materials, whether as layered inlays or for the entire construction. When attuned by an Exalted of the correct type, such weapons are even more effi cient and deadly.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum ranged weapons excel at no one thing, but are excellent all-around weapons. When in the hands of the Solar Exalted, these weapons are +1 to Accuracy, +1 to Damage and +50 yards to their Range value for bows (10 yards for thrown weapons).

Moonsilver: Moonsilver ranged weapons are fluid things, reshaping themselves as they are drawn or cast in order to more effectively launch toward their target. In the hands of the Lunar Exalted, such weapons are +1 to Accuracy and add 100 yards to their Range value for bows (20 yards for thrown weapons).

Jade: Jadesteel powerbows and thrown weapons allow their wielders to fire with the fluid grace of falling water, and their trajectory is buoyed by the natural eddies of the wind. In the hands of the Terrestrial Exalted, they benefit Speed with a -1 bonus and add 50 yards to the Range value for bows (10 yards for thrown weapons).

Starmetal: Starmetal ranged weapons reshape the destiny of their path, fating them to strike deadly blows. When in the hands of Sidereal Exalted, these weapons add +1 to Accuracy and +2 to Damage.

Soulsteel: Soulsteel missile weapons can sense the life and movement of their targets and seek to cease that struggling to bring about the blessed stillness of death. When used against living targets by Abyssal Exalted, these weapons are +2 Accuracy and +2 Damage. This bonus does not apply to inanimate objects, nor animate but nonliving ones.

Adamant: Adamant thrown weapons have extremely sharp cutting edges and jagged extrusions that either make the damage piercing or impose a -4 soak penalty after halving soak if the attack is already piercing. Adamant being inflexible is unsuitable to make bows, though arrows of Adamant carries the same sharpness.

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