Mass Combat: The Issue of “Might”

As it stands right now Might’s only function is to add number of success to the attacker’s roll.

It less effective than a higher Combat Rating, which adds half its value to DV.

Yet it is all encompassing of all the Charms and Supernatural Powers of the complementary troops, including such things as Soak charms, Perfect Defenses, and does not in any way modify defense.

So I am going to change Might to a more useful trait.

It still retains its normal bonus

  • add as number of successes to the Commander’s attack
  • added to the Commander’s Essence value to determine resistance and qualification against charms and spells

It will now add to other traits as well

  • It will add to DV on a 1 to 1 basis. So a Might rating of 3 will add +3 to the DV. Since right now an army of gods with charms (and might rating) has the same inherent DV bonus as an army of mortals.
  • It will add to Soak on a 1 to 1 basis. So an army of mortals wearing super-heavy plate, will have less final soak than an army of essence 10 war gods wearing super-heavy plate. Since right now Soak is only determined by armor and the leader’s stamina.
  • It adds number of dice equal to rating to the Unit’s Valor/Hesitation checks. So a mortal army with nothing but steel backing them up is more likely to hesitate and route than an army armed with good luck charms, walk-away, warding, and other thaumaturgy enough to grant them a might rating of 1.
  • To reflect the more useful nature of Might, it’s rating will be strictly enforced. The official books seems to exaggerate the Might Ratings of most units. Such as the Lookshy Gunshoa Armor having rating of 4 when it suppose to be max 3 by Core Book Rules. It will be fixed as these things come up.
    • Astartes is now Might 2, not 4. In time as they actually learn some Spirit Charms they will become Might 3
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