Mortals and Demon Summoning

In the standard rule set Mortals who have achieved Emerald Circle Sorcery can summon demons with the Spell but cannot bind them.

This makes no sense. The Victory Over Primordials Mudra is setup to deliberately allow Demons through when beckoned by their God and Exalted Masters. This permeability however is not perfect and thus Demons sometimes escape when specific events occur in Creation.

Sorcery at that point is unknown, and I assume when Brigit first made the Demon Summoning spell she made it so it operated on the right of Exalted and Gods to summon demons "legally". This "legality" is the basis of why the Spell would function.

That being said, it means the spell simply will not work for Mortals. No more than a person with no legs learned the process of walking - they are incapable of making the knowledge come to fruition.

This also means there does not exist any Thaumaturgy Ritual to Summon demon(s) based on the same principle. If every Joe or Jane doe in Creation can just repeat a series of gestures and preparations and bust out a demon from the Prison, then the Prison needs to be better made. I fail to see First Age Solars and the Gods, before the Great Curse even set in, do anything so badly.

There however can exist Thaumaturgy rituals to summon SPECIFIC demons based on their appropriate jail break conditions. E.g. a Ritual that involves the suffocation of babies in sea water so the noise of their last air bubble bursting on the water surface would call a specific type of Demon. While this will work normally, the Thaumaturgy Process will make it much more likely the Demon will show.

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