Multiple Charms without Combos

To metigate the “Everyone hold charm use till someone use a non-defensive charm” problem, I am going to make the following update.

You are now allowed to use Reflexive Charms (in the appropriate steps) even after you already activated another Charm for that turn.

However, doing so will carry a surcharge of 2 Willpower and additional mote cost equal to the minimum Essence Requirement of the Charm.

Once the charm is activated it is then considered “in combo,” thus must follow standard combo legality, and subsequent activate of the charm falls under combo rules.

This should allow people to use non-defensive charms more freely and is harsh enough as to not take away the value of Combo.

Obviously this does not really apply to Dragon-Blooded because they can already use Reflexive Charms. But since this form of Defensive Charm use has 2 WP surcharge each time its used, I see no balancing problems.

Solar A, decided to activate his Form Charm. That is his Charm use for the round.

Abyssal B, decides to use magical flurry against the Solar.

Solar A, figures he cannot survive against the onslaught decides to use Perfect Dodge against the Flurry. He would spent 2 WP and 5 Motes to Use the perfect dodge charm against the first attack of the flurry. Then every subsequent dodge will cost him 3 motes for the rest of the action.

Adaptation in Regards to Patterning

To adopt this system to patterning, subsequent use of a these charms via patterning will not cost 1 mote. Instead it will cost 2 motes.

So in the above example, the subsequent use of the dodge charm against the other attacks in the flurry will cost 2 motes and not 1.

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