Naval Combat: Ability Ceilings

Since I haven’t found this anywhere I am making the following Rule Changes – similar to how Ride modifies mass and personal combat when on horseback.

  • In Naval Mass Combat your War skill will be modified by your Sailing Skill. Thus you end up with the lowest of the lower of the two as ability cap. This includes things such as Rallying Troops, Predict Enemy Tactics, Disengage, etc. This also means your relevant combat abilities, such as melee, archery, thrown, etc., are also modified by Sailing indirectly, since Sailing now modifies your War ability. This includes static values such as Dodge and Parry DV.
  • Personal Fighting on a Naval vessel during rough seas is modified your Sailing or Athletic skill, which ever is higher. This includes static values such as DV.
  • Fighting in water/while swimming follows the standard rule set.

As usual if these rules seems unreasonable or illogical, let me know.

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