Rebalance: Arrow Storm Technique

The reason Arrow Storm Technique exist as a charm is it allows one to use just 1 set of Reflexive Charms for all the attack it makes at no additional cost – unlike Extra Action Charms.

Unfortunately with my addition of Patterning Arrow Storm Technique lost most of its usefulness when combo-ed1. So I am going to rebalance it in a very simple manner: Placing this charm in a Combo will remove the 1wp surcharge for combo activation.

For example, Since the Charm has Bull of the North as the illustration image in the core book, I will give him the Combo. Let say he activates the Combo consisting of this Charm and Second Excellency.

Normally it would cost him 1wp for the Combo, 1wp 8m for Arrow Storm, and 2 motes for each success (max of 6 successes).

With the adjustment it will cost him 0wp to activate the combo, 1wp 8m for Arrow Storm, and 12 motes for 6 successes.

For a total of 1wp, 20 motes, for 15 archery attacks against 15 man-sized objects, or 15 times against a military unit or large object, or Combinations there of.

Each attack will be adding 6 successes.

He can quite possibly reduce a Magnitude 10 Extra army to just the commander in 1 shot.

However, if he uses the Charm by itself he will still pay 1wp and 8m to activate it. Since the discount only applies to combos.

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