Rebalance: Imbue Amalgam

Imbue Amalgam is an incredibly powerful spell and has the potential to be world breaking. To that end I think some adjustments are needed to justify why the whole world is not dominated by Imbued Amalgams

  • The Imbued Amalgam while always perform at the prime physical condition only live a number of years equal to their Maker's Essence
    • Should the spell be reversed they aged 5 years for every year spent as Amalgam
  • Imbued Amalgams are static, their mind become as permant as the stone by which they were transformed with. Their personality tend to be locked as well as their thinking.
    • They do form new memories and remember new experiences, they can even be quite cunning or be really good at solving new problems.
    • They however find it incredibly hard to advance the abilities they already possess. It is as if their body and mind only knows how to perform at the preset level and not improve or degenerate in any way.
    • The abstraction is that they do not gain experience points nor can they improve upon existing traits.
    • This applies to all traits, regardless if the Amalgam process changed the trait in question or not
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