Relocation Guideline

Movement of the Gods (Conviction)

Spirits soar on wings of light and travel Creation as natural forces, sometimes flashing across vast distances in the blink of an eye.

Relocations can target anything the spirit can perceive within (Essence x Conviction) yards.

When these Charms involve moving targets to or from a domain, that function of the Charm can only be used by spirits with physical domains. Spirits who wish to banish foes from an abstract domain, or drag them into it, will need to use other methods—a war god cannot end a war simply by expelling all the soldiers fighting it from “war” or by Banishing the war itself. Any spirit whose domain is affected by a Relocation may prevent the Charm’s use with nothing but a moment’s concentration, but only if its Essence is higher than the spirit using the Relocation, and only if it knows the Relocation is occurring. Some spirits set Intrusion-Sensing Method to watch for Relocations.

High-Essence Relocation Guidelines

Normally, Relocations affect only individuals, but powerful spirits may spend temporary Willpower to expand a Relocation’s scope. For every dot of Essence that the spirit possesses in excess of the minimum Essence of the Charm used, the spirit may increase the Magnitude of the group that the spirit can move by 1.

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