Overlapping Bonuses

Unless specifically noted, bonuses of the same type are not stackable.

For example, carrying 10 1 die Wards (Each a Resource 3 Purchase IIRC) will not inflict a -10 Dice penalty to the target of the ward.

In the same way that having 5 1 Dot Artifact each adding +2 die to Melee is not going to give you +10 die to melee

In general sources will be differentiated on the the type of bonuses (Warding, Speed, etc) and/or the source of the bonus (Misc Equipment, Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, etc.)

The GM and player will have to use common sense.

This rule is meant to put more emphasis on single powerful items (such as 4 dot artifact) and not on amassing cheap (1 dot artifacts are usually 3 dot purchases) artifact. It also makes lubriciously high dice pool ever so slightly harder to reach.

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