Vehicle: Health Levels

Health Levels: Since most vehicles are not alive, they do not have health levels in the strictest sense of the word. Their structural integrity is analogous, however, so the name remains constant. A vehicle’s health levels are not differentiated by wound penalties, but instead use the following table:

Health Level (Abbreviation) Effects
Undamaged (U) None; operates normally.
Minor Damage (M) Half Speed and Maneuverability(rounded up); -1 external penalty to piloting rolls.
Critical Damage (C) Speed drops to one quarter normal rate (rounded up); Maneuverability 0 (if normally positive); -3 external penalty to piloting rolls; consecutively unbroken successful piloting actions required to avoid automatically crashing.
Inoperative (I) Ceases functioning. See Inoperative effects by craft type.
Destroyed (D) The vehicle immediately explodes, crashes, falls apart or otherwise suffers violent destruction.

Vehicles must be repaired to regain lost health levels (see Exalted - 2E - Books of Sorcery, The Vol. 1 - Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 6).

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