Vehicle: Manuverability

This trait gauges the overall responsiveness of a vehicle to its pilot. In most cases, this value is given as a positive number, indicating the number of dice added to all rolls made to control the craft. Half this value (rounded up) is its Dodge DV against attacks while piloted (vehicles lack a Parry DV). Note that some ungainly devices actually impose a penalty on piloting rolls, as represented by a negative Maneuverability. The letter following a craft’s maneuverability (R or S) indicates whether the craft is piloted using a pool of (Dexterity + Ride) or (Wits + Sail).

For some vehicles, characters must have a minimum rating in certain Abilities in order to pilot them at all. These minimums are provided after Maneuverability in parentheses. Most commonly, the Ability in question is Sail or Ride, though some sophisticated devices require minimum Lore to understand the complex controls. For every dot by which a character fails to meet the minimum Abilities required for piloting, subtract two from the vehicle’s Maneuverability. Pertinent specialties add to Ability scores to meet these minimum requirements.

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