Session 038

Experience Rewards

  • 5 Exp: For a session that went from 4 to 2am, around 8 hours

Total Exp: 5 Exp

Session 038 Exp Expenditure: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

From Session 37

  • Exp Debt Total: -18
  • Banked Exp Total: 0


  • 3 Exp spent to pay Exp Debt (-15 Exp Debt remain) (2 Session Exp Remain)
  • 2 (7/8) Integrity Protecting Prana (0 Session Exp Remain)


  • Exp Debt Total: -15
  • Banked Exp Total: 0
Session 038 Exp Expenditure: Flawless Oak

From Session 37

  • Exp Debt Total: -34
  • Banked Exp Total: 0


  • 3 Exp spent to pay Exp Debt (-31 Exp remain)
  • 1 Exp 1/1 Them Procedure: Green Soup Cure
  • 1 Exp 1/1 Proceedure 7 bountiful paste


  • Exp Debt Total: -31
  • Banked Exp Total: 0

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Incompleted Arcs

  • Trying to find Alabaster Eye of the Heaven's origins in Chiaroscaro
  • The Cleansing of the South
    • Word have been sent to Flawless Oak and Alabaster that the Golden Custodian of South and West is on his way to back to the South.
      • (He already arrived in Session 40)
      • The message mentioned a cleansing of the South
      • While I have no plans for you guys to get involved, Flawless Oak might interceed since Zombie Infection is one of his major personal issues. Alabaster doesn't care a bit about Mecca so it is not like he will insist on leaving people in need to pursuit an artifact.
    • Dagnir will leave soon; Leading the Astartes to track down and end the Death Cult, whom he suspects is the cause of the plague
      • He will issue a call to arms to all Solars of the South, thus Horakinis, Andraste, Klytaimnēstra, and Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony will join him. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak's mission is more important so they are excluded.
      • As per Samea's instructions, any community that are found to be "contaminated" are to be eradicated, the people are to be held for redoctrination. Those who are deemed too far gone are to be purified by fire.
      • Samea is too busy with the Amalgam program in the East
      • Panther arrived to everyone's surprise and tempered this ruthless business with Compassion and Temperance
        • Dace is going to be commander of the south in his absence
        • Arianna is working on a secret project for the Bull of the North (WMD Research)
        • Swan is busy working alongside Maximillian hoping to achieve diplomatic victory for the conquest of hundred kingdoms.
        • Harmonious Jade has already infiltrated the City of Thorns and is investigating its power structure seeking weaknesses. Unfortunately she will soon realize Mask of Winter's organization is all but impenetrable and cannot be toppled from below. She needs to decapitate the snake.
        • Many communities were saved by Panther's glorious words and avoided the ashen fate that would have awaited them.
        • The Imperial Fist were so moved that they asked Panther their patron Solar, and Panther accepted the honor
  • The Kind Hearted Prince
    • With the North, West, and South facing food shortages the Silver Prince of the Skullstone Kingdom started sending fleets laden with grains (grown in the Underworld) all over the world. Free to those too poor to afford it, and at cost for those who can pay for it.
      • What the world does not yet know is that any non-enlightend being1 who partakes food or drink from the Underworld will arise as Ghost when they die, instead of going to the renew cycle of luthe.
    • North
      • Northern communities would never turn away free food that is safe and without strings, so Silver Prince encountered fertile ground for his propaganda.
      • Whitewall being ruled by the Syndices does not allow anything from the Undead entering its walls, that includes food.
      • The Bull of the North does not allow his troops and their families from partaking the food. Others can choose it of their own volition.
    • East
      • The Guild have signed contract for enormous sums of food to be sold to the hungry communities
      • Lookshy always being independent refuses all outside interferrence
      • Rathess is too remote, plus Silver Prince knows better to tinker with the City of the Sun
      • Hundred Kingdoms are too far inland, even thought connected by the Great River. Ravaged by War, they gladly purchase the food transported by the Guild at a discount.
    • South
      • The An-Tang Provences pay lip service to the Realm Generals about not accepting Skullstone Trade, while "independent" merchants take entire convoy loads and sell them on the "black market". The prolific nature of these impromptu organizations are a matter of frequent request for help to the Realm Forces in An-Tang
      • Linthas make it their business sinking every convey they can threaten, on order of their Demonic Mistress. Though they have no idea why, nor do they care.
      • Lap have no shortage of food being the grain center of the South. They barred Skulstone grain ship from docking in their docks
      • Paragon does not trust Skullstone and thus does not allow his own people from taking the food.
      • The Hijra is desperate enough to take anything. Earning the Silver Prince near Saint status in their eyes.
      • The Golden Custodian of South and West on the guarentee of Captain Moray Darktide opened his lands to the Trade Ships - Subjected to Azulas' approval, which she granted, being no stranger to profitable dealings with unconventional partners.
    • West
      • The various nations of the West are not hard hit by the Food Shortage. They never had much of an surplus and did not have the habit of selling things they need thinking next harvest will more than make up for it.
      • Though most independent islands gladly takes the free food
      • On the other hand Ocean Pearl with no proof but an adamant faith that the Prince is up to no good is sinking as many ship as she can find - preventing the food from reaching the hungry or the most vulnerable (depending on who you ask).
    • Blessed Realm
      • The Blessed Realm and the Immaculate Order consider Skullstone Archipelago an abomination, a cancer that is too troublesome to remove with the current turmoil - but has full intention of doing so when oppurturnity arises.
      • Thus the Skullstone trade ships are blocked and passage through Realm Waters denied
      • Those that force the issue are sunk without mercy
        • This is a fact that Silver Prince's agent masterfully spins in the various Ports of the world to further discord: "The Realm sunk food for the refugees!" "xxxx village all starved to death before the food from the good prince was taken by captain xxx." etc.
        • Unfortunately the Realm is too absorbed with its own internal politics to care about these slander. Even if these people revolt the Realm need only send in the Legions and they will fall back to place. Who is on the Scarlet Throne is more important at this moment.

Completed Arcs

Event History

64/07/10 05:30: Once returning to the surface Alabaster initiated an hurried search for Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. It didn't take long for Flawless Oak to find her. She is sound asleep She is actually in a fatigue induced coma with no wounds on her. Surrounding her in a near perfect 20' radius is a circle of Zombie parts. appearently torn apart bit by bit. While Alabaster would have liked to examine the scene further, the sounds of struggle echoing through the city drove him to more immediate concerns.
64/07/10 19:20: nearly 14 hours of search and rescue yielded around 200 survivors. Keeping them alive as the Solars travelled through the city is a monumental task, especially with Zombie snipers taking pot shots at every turn. Eventually the Solars arrived at the First Age Building of the Temple of Chiaroscuro, the Temple of the City God. As First Age buildings are all but indestructible with prmitive weapons it made a perfect spot for a triage center.
64/07/10 20:01: A quick examine of the 200 survivors yielded around 20 appearently healthy ones, and the rest show varies degrees of symptoms. Alabaster and Flawless Oak after securing Alabaster Eye of the Heavens in one of the side chambers, sorted the survivors into different tiers and assigned them floors that are isolated from each other. The Healthy are on the middle levels, holding the line against any possible zombie assult. The top floors are occuiped by the sick with those who are showing the least signs on the bottom and the most on top.
64/07/10 20:04: Notified that the Solar have secured their rescues Red Famine felt that the Solar now might strike out to seek him. Gathering a minor Zombie army with his Charms Red Famine remotely assaulted the Temple while his minions carried him towards the sewer exit.
64/07/10 20:19: The attack was annihilated by the Solars with their perfect soak but it served its purpose. Red Famine and his Zombie minions broke through the blockade at the Sewer exit and fled into the Deep Desert. By the time reinforcements arrived they were already gone. Subsequent pursuers followed to the edge of the Deep Desert and lost the trail.
64/07/10 20:40: After making sure the Temple is secure the Solars split up. Flawless Oak went to talk to the Quarentee line to seek food and supplies for the survivors, while Alabaster stayed behind to protect the temple.
64/07/10 21:09: Flawless Oak arrived at the City Gate and was stopped by the Quarentee troops. The troops quickly send word up the chain of command for supplies and Flawless Oak patrolled the surrounding area for survivors
64/07/11 06:24: Shortly before Sunrise the supplies are readied and Flawless Oak with the new rescues drove it towards the Temple.
64/07/11 07:12: A careful path was choosen that minized any ambushes and only a handful of people was killed on the way. However, one of the rescuees died of the illness and cleverly tricked one of the healthy ones into helping him. The encounter ended in death and Flawless Oak discovered that anyone killed by the Zombies (possibly who are already infected) is immediate turned into one of them seemingly with their intellect intact. This opens a groom possibility that all these rescues are for naught and all the herculean efforts expanded are ashes.
     At the same time a similar event was taking place in the Temple, as 5 recently died Zombies tried to establish an ambush against the healthy on the lower floors. Alabaster had to wait till factual proof was sufficient and caught them at the verge of comitting the crime. Execution was swift but Alabaster found little enjoyment in killing men already dead.
64/07/11 07:13: Like always it was Alabaster's unwavering faith in humanity's goodness that harkened Flawless Oak's heart and vitalized his sense of purpose. Alabaster insisted that as long as they are alive they will be considered Good people. It is their DUTY to protect Good People. Even if they turned to zombies, as long as they committed no act they are not exempted from this divine duty.
64/07/13 11:24: With their supplies secure and the temple safe, a renewed Flawless Oak ranged far and wide fot 2 days and gather more survivors. Their recues swelled to more than 600 people. Soon the temple would offer no solace as more and more of the survivors turn. The Solars devised an plan of isolated containment. With his Wood Working Mastery Flawless Oak locked groups of 4-5 infected in each chamber of the temple and sealed it from the outside. While dooming those in the group who have not turned, it protected from the possibility of an massive attack from recently dead in the top floors.
64/07/14 06:24: The zombies never seems to ease up and the Solars are utterly exhausted. Taking turns resting the morning brought with it great news. While visiting the Guild stores for supplies (which he leaves receipts of, at Alabaster's insistance) Flawless Oak encountered a strange guild captain. The Captain was from the Guild Southern Caravan Fleet of Propserity and Fortune, on its way to the West. They received an Guild Order to divert whatever Seven Bountiful Paste to Chiaroscuro for the Solars there. 5 crates of the life saving medicine was on hand, totally over 1000 doses. The captain also handed over a paper with a recipes for an newly created Healing Paste by Fear Eater. It however is not a common thing for it requires someone with Thaumagury Knowledge and the components involves Celestial Wine. With the recently execution of the War Captain for Celestial Crime fresh on his mind, Flawless Oak none the less elected to break Celestial Law and give Celestial Wine to Mortals.
64/07/14 06:24: Even to the insensitive Alabaster 3 days of non-responsive rest is excessive. After close examination Alabaster is convinced that this unconsciousness is not right. With Flawless Oak's help they determined that the little girl is not suffering from illness (since Five Bountiful Paste did not wake her), and is suffering from a severe case of fatigue - and quite possibly dying. With selfish reasons Alabaster volunteered himself to search the Royal Palace for the Celestial Wine that may be left there, and Flawless Oak went to seek Grandmother Bright.
64/07/14 06:34: Alabaster arrived at the Tri-Khan Palace and the brides told him that the Celestial Wine when diluted in water is still sufficient to vaccinate those who are not sick already, each cup can inoculate 800 people. After protecting the Brides and the Army Commanders only 1 cup is left of the 1 bottle that the Temple of the Unconquered Sun gave them. With no hesitation, and never any guilt, Alabaster fed it to Alabaster Eye of the Heaven and she woke instantly.
64/07/14 06:40: While Flawless Oak is battling the undead tide, Alabaster with no immedate people suffering went to bed.
64/07/14 06:44: Flawless Oak in his search for Grandmother Bright encountered the defenders of the Temple of the Unconquered Sun and learned of the Imperial Fist Astartes currently in the City. They are all out searching for suvivors and slaying zombies but left their Rathessian Theater Badge behind to protect the people. Seeing that indeed their father is an all powerful god, went on with confidence and conviction.
64/07/14 07:28: Following the direction by those in the temple, Flawless Oak encountered Grandmother Bright. And bartered for the safety of 29 individuals (not including any attached children). In a desperate gambit to avoid the tragic fate that befallen to his own mother and family, Flawless Oak chose women first for the 29 slots, and made sure they adopted all the children. Thus technically following the deal yet saving all the children.
64/07/14 13:10: After a restful 6 hours of sleep Alabaster Hand of the Heaven returned to his original task - search for Celestial Wine
64/07/14 13:22: All the women and children are safely transported to Grandmother Blight, and the healty survivors transferred to the Astartes' safehouse, Flawless Oak led the remaining infected towards the Royal Palace.
64/07/14 14:12: Flawless Oak arrived at the Royal Palace and immediate left for the Catacombs, as the letter indicated on where the War Captain's Celestial Wine may be kept. Unfortunately the posh luxurious gothic apartments in the Catacombs are empty no wine is to be found.
64/07/15 07:12: Following the burial records in the archives the Solars managed to find 2 bottles buried with an Delzhan Noble. Considering that he have no heir, and the solars are acting in the King's authority, Alabaster allowed the wine to be used. The cure prepared by the Priests of the Unconquered Sun and the Bride's thaumaturgist seems to work, and is able to cure state 1-3 (but not 4 and 5) of the disease.
64/07/15 06:44: With no more wine the Solar decided to go to the one place in Creation that anything is for sale - Nexus. Resting a full night sleep, they left immediately the next morning.
64/07/16 15:00: Rough Weather delayed the Solars but they arrived in Nexus and started their negotiating with the Guild Represenative Adrali. The Guild prove to be susceptible to the requests of the Bull of the North and the Solar left with 7 bottles with promises of at least 13 more to come.
64/07/18 12:04: The Solars returned to Chiaroscuro, on the way they received news that the situation as degraded enough that the Golden Custodian of South and West is returning to purge the South of this infestation. Flawless Oak's heart sunk, for he know that those with stage 4 and 5 can only be cured by twice death - and that number range in the 10s of thousands. He also knows how deadly this infection is, having been fighting on the forefront of the struggle. Fortunately Alabaster is still here, and as long as he is here, all will be well.

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