Session 039


  • Both Characters gain the Epithet: Succor of Chiaroscuro
  • 8 Exp: For a session that went from 1pm to 2am, around 10 hours
  • 3 Exp: Story Reward for finishing the "Hints of Mecca" Story Arc

Total Exp: 11 Exp

Session 039 Exp Expenditure: Alabaster Hand of the Heaven

From Session 38

  • Exp Debt Total: -15
  • Banked Exp Total: 0


  • 6 Exp spent to pay Exp Debt (-9 Exp Debt remain) (5 Exp Remain)
  • 1 Exp spent on Charm: Integrity Protecting Prana (8 of 8) Paid (1 Day)(4 Exp Remain)
  • 3 Exp spent on Linguistics: Flame-tongue (3 of 3) (3 Weeks) (1 Exp Remain)
  • 1 Exp spent on Athletics 2 to 3 (1 of 3) (0 Exp Remain)


  • Exp Debt Total: -9
  • Banked Exp Total: 0
Session 039 Exp Expenditure: Flawless Oak

From Session 38

  • Exp Debt Total: -31
  • Banked Exp Total: 0


  • 6 Exp spent to pay Exp Debt (-25 Exp Debt remain) (5 Session Exp Remain)


  • Exp Debt Total: -25
  • Banked Exp Total: 0
  • Lore 1->2 (1/1)
  • Medicine 1->2 (2/2)
  • Sail 1->2 (1)
  • Ride 1->2 (1)

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Corrections and Updates

  • I got confused between Exalted initialtive and Cthulhutech initialtive. I figured this out when I was looking at the Sidereal permanent charm (Essence 1, MA 1) that says they double their join battle dice pool… which means its not an 1d10 + Wits + Perception.
    • For Exalted, you roll your join battle dice pool (Wits + Awareness) then compare the number of successes
    • The one(s) with the highest takes action on tick 0, the rest take action on (highest - their successes) ticks to a max of 6.
    • Those who botches automatically act on Tick 6
  • I was glacing over the Sidereal info and I realized that I was wrong about their Essence Pool. At Essence 4, Willpower 8, all virtues at 3, a Solar has 68 Essence Pool. Sidereal has 60.
  • Looking through the Storyteller Guide (it has sample enemies from each Exalted types) the Sidereals have a 3m parry charm that reduce the attack to 0 success - essentially a "perfect" defense against blockable attacks.
  • Their Perfect Defense against everything charm is called "Duck Fate" and cost 10m
  • The distance from Chiaroscuro to Asamo's Estate in Harborhead by drawn wagon is 9 Month, and only about 1 day for Chariot.
    • So you guys went with just 1 servant via azure chariot, then at a near by city arranged the carriage and such. Then head over to the Fortress - taking about a month.
    • This means you guys have a month of training time (keep in mind Charm training would require you to be devoid of all Essence, and your anima will be out)
  • I would strongly suggest you guys to always keep enough Essence for 3 Perfect Soaks for the next 5 in game days (link).
  • You guys are not safe as long as you are the only people who know where Mecca is. It means you are still the focal point from which the Fate the Sidereals wish to avid comes to fruition. So you guys need to inform someone who is important enough (Ahlat, Wu Jan, Leeayta, Bull of the North, Hastha-sth, Maiden of the Mirthless Smile, Ma-Ha-Suchi) and who will pursuit that information as soon as possible. Until this come to pass, ever more elaborate plots/assassins will be used to end you guys.
    • They have to be sufficiently strong because weak ones will be too easily "silenced" by Sidereals (e.g. memory wipe or just plain death)
    • Or you can also tell people that would immediately tell the strong ones. Informing Dagnir is the same as informing Bull of the North
    • I listed some people in the above list that you shouldn't tell, but nonetheless included them for completion sake
  • Without any interference, it would take you guys 9 month of non-stop Sailing to reach the edge of Creation "closest" to Atlantis
    • I would suggest you guys go after hurricane season ends
    • You guys might also want to worry about how you are going to keep the little girl in her lap of luxury for 9 month while sailing
      • A Intimacy is not weakened because situation doesn't match it. It is only weakened when she works against it (or someone make her work against it). So just because there are no luxuries around it does not automatically mean it will weaken her intimacy towards comfort. It might very well make her gain a new negative intimacy(ies) towards sailing, west, traveling, flawless oak, or even flip her positive intimacy of Alabaster towards negative, or reaffirm her existing intimacies. But as it stands Comfort is already quite up there, so it may be pushed above Alabaster Hand of the Heaven. Keep in mind Solar/Lunar Intimacies doesn't mean they have to be #1 in order of importance. It just means they can't get rid of it, it could be last place if situation calls for it.
      • Remember she is only Conviction 1 right now, so Intimacies pop in and out all the time. Any one scene of action could swap out and in an Intimacy. In the event when her conviction rises (such as facing hardship of mind or body) she will become much much harder to "shape". So got to start things off right before she turns Conviction 2.

Incompleted Arcs

  • Trying to find Alabaster Eye of the Heaven's origins in Chiaroscaro
  • The Cleansing of the South
    • Word have been sent to Flawless Oak and Alabaster that the Golden Custodian of South and West is on his way to back to the South.
      • (He already arrived in Session 40)
      • The message mentioned a cleansing of the South
      • While I have no plans for you guys to get involved, Flawless Oak might interceed since Zombie Infection is one of his major personal issues. Alabaster doesn't care a bit about Mecca so it is not like he will insist on leaving people in need to pursuit an artifact.
    • Dagnir will leave soon; Leading the Astartes to track down and end the Death Cult, whom he suspects is the cause of the plague
      • He will issue a call to arms to all Solars of the South, thus Horakinis, Andraste, Klytaimnēstra, and Circle of Everlasting and Perfect Illuminated Harmony will join him. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and Flawless Oak's mission is more important so they are excluded.
      • As per Samea's instructions, any community that are found to be "contaminated" are to be eradicated, the people are to be held for redoctrination. Those who are deemed too far gone are to be purified by fire.
      • Samea is too busy with the Amalgam program in the East
      • Panther arrived to everyone's surprise and tempered this ruthless business with Compassion and Temperance
        • Dace is going to be commander of the south in his absence
        • Arianna is working on a secret project for the Bull of the North (WMD Research)
        • Swan is busy working alongside Maximillian hoping to achieve diplomatic victory for the conquest of hundred kingdoms.
        • Harmonious Jade has already infiltrated the City of Thorns and is investigating its power structure seeking weaknesses. Unfortunately she will soon realize Mask of Winter's organization is all but impenetrable and cannot be toppled from below. She needs to decapitate the snake.
        • Many communities were saved by Panther's glorious words and avoided the ashen fate that would have awaited them.
        • The Imperial Fist were so moved that they asked Panther their patron Solar, and Panther accepted the honor
  • The Kind Hearted Prince
    • With the North, West, and South facing food shortages the Silver Prince of the Skullstone Kingdom started sending fleets laden with grains (grown in the Underworld) all over the world. Free to those too poor to afford it, and at cost for those who can pay for it.
      • What the world does not yet know is that any non-enlightend being1 who partakes food or drink from the Underworld will arise as Ghost when they die, instead of going to the renew cycle of luthe.
    • North
      • Northern communities would never turn away free food that is safe and without strings, so Silver Prince encountered fertile ground for his propaganda.
      • Whitewall being ruled by the Syndices does not allow anything from the Undead entering its walls, that includes food.
      • The Bull of the North does not allow his troops and their families from partaking the food. Others can choose it of their own volition.
    • East
      • The Guild have signed contract for enormous sums of food to be sold to the hungry communities
      • Lookshy always being independent refuses all outside interferrence
      • Rathess is too remote, plus Silver Prince knows better to tinker with the City of the Sun
      • Hundred Kingdoms are too far inland, even thought connected by the Great River. Ravaged by War, they gladly purchase the food transported by the Guild at a discount.
    • South
      • The An-Tang Provences pay lip service to the Realm Generals about not accepting Skullstone Trade, while "independent" merchants take entire convoy loads and sell them on the "black market". The prolific nature of these impromptu organizations are a matter of frequent request for help to the Realm Forces in An-Tang
      • Linthas make it their business sinking every convey they can threaten, on order of their Demonic Mistress. Though they have no idea why, nor do they care.
      • Lap have no shortage of food being the grain center of the South. They barred Skulstone grain ship from docking in their docks
      • Paragon does not trust Skullstone and thus does not allow his own people from taking the food.
      • The Hijra is desperate enough to take anything. Earning the Silver Prince near Saint status in their eyes.
      • The Golden Custodian of South and West on the guarentee of Captain Moray Darktide opened his lands to the Trade Ships - Subjected to Azulas' approval, which she granted, being no stranger to profitable dealings with unconventional partners.
    • West
      • The various nations of the West are not hard hit by the Food Shortage. They never had much of an surplus and did not have the habit of selling things they need thinking next harvest will more than make up for it.
      • Though most independent islands gladly takes the free food
      • On the other hand Ocean Pearl with no proof but an adamant faith that the Prince is up to no good is sinking as many ship as she can find - preventing the food from reaching the hungry or the most vulnerable (depending on who you ask).
    • Blessed Realm
      • The Blessed Realm and the Immaculate Order consider Skullstone Archipelago an abomination, a cancer that is too troublesome to remove with the current turmoil - but has full intention of doing so when oppurturnity arises.
      • Thus the Skullstone trade ships are blocked and passage through Realm Waters denied
      • Those that force the issue are sunk without mercy
        • This is a fact that Silver Prince's agent masterfully spins in the various Ports of the world to further discord: "The Realm sunk food for the refugees!" "xxxx village all starved to death before the food from the good prince was taken by captain xxx." etc.
        • Unfortunately the Realm is too absorbed with its own internal politics to care about these slander. Even if these people revolt the Realm need only send in the Legions and they will fall back to place. Who is on the Scarlet Throne is more important at this moment.

Completed Arcs

Event History

64/07/19 14:29: Taokaka the Kitten of Chiaroscuro, Kali the Ivory Siaka and I'tesham the Flawless Predator arrived in Chiaroscuro to retrieve the little girl. They quickly tracked down the Solars to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun and made preparations to take her. Not wishing to distract the Solars from finishing the cure they waited till Flawless Oak was done before approaching the little girl.
64/07/21 22:41: With the help of Zahida Saqqaf, Thaumaturgist of the Bride of Ahlat in Chiarscuro, Flawless Oak managed to churn the 7 bottles of Celestial Wine into processed Cures of Embrace of Decay. The work was wrapped up in the Middle of the Night and Flawless Oak went to bed Immediately. During this 3 days Alabaster Hand of the Heaven was out with those they already saved, who are now innoculated against the dreaded disease, gathering survivors and cleansing the city one block at a time. Alabaster Hand of the Heaven attempted to limit the Brides preferrence for violance to which he was told to mind his own business. Nonetheless the Brides focused mainly on cleansing the diseased with purifying fire and correlled those who are savable towards Alabaster's men.
64/07/22 01:21: While I'tesham and Kali was packing up the little girl's possessions, Taokaka sneaked off and disabled the guards to the temple. She then told her companions that she is going to scout the way back, and stole half the Cure to the Disease for the Dalzhan Refugees.
64/07/22 10:26: Flawless Oak was surprised he woke up late thinking it was still early morning since the temple is so quiet. He quickly discovered the tied up people in the kitchen. A thorough search of the temple reported half the cure missing but the mos alarming is that so is Alabaster Eye of the Heaven. Almost died from shock and panic Flawless Oak immediately tried to track her down.
64/07/22 14:55: The runner finally found Alabaster Hand of the Heaven and told him of what transpired. Making sure no one is in immediate need of him, Alabaster Hand of the Heaven activated graceful crane stance and chased towards the direction of Flawless Oak.
64/07/22 15:35: He finally caught up to Flawless Oak at the edge of the City where Flawless Oak could no longer follow the track because the kidnappers flew off. Of one mind the two Solars left the suffering of Chiaroscuro behind and ventured towards the direction of the kidnappers hopping to catch their scent again.
64/07/24 22:14: Flawless Oak finally re-acquired the scent where the kidnappers made camp the day before. Careful examination of the tracks seems to indicate that the little girl was not taken but came willingly. Flawless Oak hide the fact that the little girl seem more (inter)active to the kidnappers than with them. Needing to rest after nearly 2 days of treking, they made camp with preparation to follow at day break.
64/07/25 04:11 Something heavy is heading towards the Solar, Flawless Oak and Alabaster Hand of the Heaven took refuge in a nearby tree to gain higher vantage point. It ends up a large Rhino like creature is approaching them. It was a shock when the rhino spoke. He informed the Solars that the girls are the guests of the Silver Pact and she belongs with them and not with the Solars. When Alabaster Hand of the Heaven showed him his tattoos the Lunar represenative informed him that the little girl is currently undergoing a ritual that all Chosen of Luna needs. This is the first confirmation of her status as Luna's chosen. He also told the Solars that the girl will be returned to them in a fortnight. He also presented 4 bottles of Celestial Wine to the Solars as restitution for the thievery and asked if they can have the formula for the cure. More people know the cure means quicker this plague can be brought under control, Flawless Oak gave him the formula readily. The Lunar also told the Solars that at least 3 pockets of the plague escaped the City and headed towards south where they were lost in the vast wilderness.
64/07/25 06:54 Believing the little girl is safe and wanting to turn the wine into cure as soon as possible the 2 Solars returned to Chiaroscuro via Azure Chariot. For the next 2 Weeks the 2 Solars wound devote themselves to the salvation of Chiaroscuro and the discovery of any hints of Mecca - managing to succeed in both endeavors. They are revernetly referred to by the locals as the "Succor of Chiaroscuro"
64/08/04 14:46: Andraste and her lunarmate Maferath arrived in Rathess and underwent the Rite of Purification. For now, Rathess has a resident Sorcerer - one of the Celestial Circle no less.
64/08/11 09:18 unfortunately the little girls seems to be firmly attached to her palanquin so Flawless Oak sent it ahead with the carriers on a Azure Chariot and the Solars and the little girl followed on another. Upon arriving at their destination they purchased silky cushions and sweet meats for the little girl and formed a small caravan as disguise to visit Asamo's Estate
64/08/15 18:26 the caravan arrived at the gate to the mountain village and was told that the Monastery is closed though they can take lodging at the village. The 2 Solars snuck in to the monestery to find that foul murders have been commited and people were tortured for information. The ghosts of the murdered are tied there by their loyalty to their master Asamo. When the Solars revealed to them that Asamo is dead they faded away (returned to Lethe to be reborn).
64/08/16 19:24 Careful investigation of Asamo's vault showed that a Full Sworn Brotherhood has ransacked the place for no real purpose. The solars couldn't even tie the Dragon-Blooded to the murder in the Keep. It seems at least 2 seperate groups hit this fortress. There also seems to be no hints about the whereabouts of Mecca. Looking out the balcony the solars rememberd something about a Vineyard.
64/08/16 19:34 Innocent of the true dangers lurking about, the Solars rushed to the Vineyard with Graceful Crane. A search seems to indicate nothing other than some exceptional grapes. Then Alabaster Hand of the Heaven decided to search of the lake. Hidden among the weeds is an stone slab that lead to the tomb of the potentate. Inside the tomb the Solars found an ancient missive of orichalcum issued by an Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV. It is written in an unfamiliar language that seems a derivative of Old Realm. The Solars could make out the words Atlantis (having seen it before in the Chiaroscuro Vault) and Mecca. Satsified this is the information they were told to find, the two closed the sarcophagus and left the tomb.
64/08/16 19:37 As soon as Alabaster Hand of the Heaven surfaced something grabbed hold of him from behind via the Guncase and started to drag him back. Activating the release mechanism of the case, Alabaster drew the Gunblade and freed himself by slicing through the straps, but not before smashing firmly into the rocks of the shore. As the water splashed 10 feet high from the force of the impact a red sash weaved its way though and slashed Alabaster's pack in two and took the Amaterasu Missive.

Flawless Oak immediately dived into the lake and threw up a wall of water as cover and lauched the powered chakram towards the assailants. A irridescent staff smashed the wave into a thousand beads that pitted the area with their impact and effortlessly battered the chakram to the side. In a whirl of motion Seong Mi-Na bashed Flawless Oak into the lake floor and as he bounced up a rapid succession of stabs cracked his wrist, ribs and hip. It was only the activation of his Barkskin that prevented serious injury. At the same time Alabaster was not ignored. Ryu Hayabusa is master of the field keeping Reach of Fate free to help Seong Mi-Na at a moment's notice and used Cycling Typhoon to maintain his closeness to Seong Mi-Na. The tide of battle is against the Solars as the mysterious assailants restlessly pushed Flawless Oak while keeping Alabaster Hand of the Heaven away and thus unable to protect his companion.

Desperate Flawless Oak risked everything to burn what remained of his divine energy to focus a single attack. The gambit worked, Seong Mi-Na was badly hurt. Having already accomplished their mission the two decided to quit the field while they are ahead. Alabaster tried to force the woman to stand her ground but for once his charm failed. Completely devoid of essence Flawless Oak tried to track the man who had the missive but lost the trail soon after.
64/08/16 19:52 Wanting to make sure the little girl is safe the Solars rushed to the village where they were lodged, not caring that a second ambush would have killed them. Only to find that the village is as peaceful as ever. Their memory of the fight is already fuzzy and in their memory the strangely dressed assailants has become 2 soultsteel plated deathknights bearing the crest of thorns.

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