Imbue Amalgam

Celestial Circle of Sapphire

Cost: 15+m
Target: One mortal creature
With this spell, a Celestial sorcerer may imbue a servant, pet or guardian with tremendous power and ability, enabling it to serve her better. The ritual itself takes one full day to cast and requires a statue of the form the sorcerer wishes to give her target. This statue must be carved of stone quarried from the Blessed Isle, gilded and inlaid with a variety of jewels arranged in occult patterns across the body (a Resources 4 cost). During the ritual, the target remains prone and naked, with identical gems placed in the same places on its body. When the spell is complete, the jewels are consumed, and the target’s form changes to match that of the statue, while the statue appears in the target’s original form (and may, in fact, be used in a subsequent casting of this spell to return the subject to normal).

Imbue Amalgam is a Shaping effect. It does not work on any creatures with an active Essence pool, including minions empowered by this spell (except to return them to their natural form).

The empowered minion treats every command from the sorcerer as if it were an unnatural mental Servitude effect. The amalgam can spend a point of Willpower to disobey the understood intention of the sorcerer’s commands, but it must do so anew each time it receives objectionable commands — any lasting rebellion will have to be subtle. The statue of the amalgam’s original form provides an arcane link to the amalgam. It allows the sorcerer to cast spells upon the target that require such a link. Moreover, by spending 5 motes while touching the statue, the sorcerer can mentally speak with the amalgam for up to a single scene, as long as they are both in Creation.

The changes wrought to an amalgam are amazing, and they are always obvious. The subject usually receives Abilities and appearance based on a “theme” of some sort, whether a bizarre, insectoid creature, a clockwork servitor, a creature all of jutting bone and raw muscle or a sleek, beautiful creature made of gleaming silver. Even at their most human looking, amalgams look like Wyld-tainted mutants or spirits, so most sorcerers do not bother trying hiding their nature. The spell cannot give an amalgam a truly natural shape. First Age texts suggest that the ability to imbue a mortal with godly power, leaving then unchanged, is the sole province of Exaltation. Other sorcerers believe the spell was inspired by the ways the Fair Folk transform their servants, and that it carries an ineradicable taint of the Wyld.

  • Basic Abilities (15m): The amalgam bleeds, heals, fights infection and disease and resists Charms and magic as though it were Exalt. It is also considered an Exalt for the purposes of counting 10s and stunting. A (Perception + Occult) roll, difficulty 2, can reveal what kind of Exalt created the amalgam. These and all other changes to the creature are permanent.
  • Attributes (2m per dot): The sorcerer can raise the amalgam’s Attributes by (at most) a number of dots equal to the sorcerer’s (Essence + Occult), allocated however he wants.
  • Abilities (1m per dot): The sorcerer may increase the amalgam’s Abilities by (at most) a number of dots equal to the sorcerer’s (Essence + Occult).
  • Essence (4m per dot): The sorcerer may increase the amalgam’s Essence to a maximum of (sorcerer’s Essence – 1).
  • Essence Pool (4m per 5 motes in pool): The amalgam’s Essence pool is used to fuel any Charms it uses and may be used to attune artifacts. It is considered an Exalt of the same sort as its master for the purpose of attuning objects of the magical materials. It has no anima and regains Essence at the normal rate of respiration. Its pool cannot exceed (its Essence x 10) motes.
  • Charm (3m or 8m per Charm): Amalgams may be given any sort of Charms, including supernatural Martial Arts or Terrestrial Circle Sorcery. Purchasing spells for an amalgam counts as purchasing additional Charms. The amalgam must meet all minimums for possession of a given Charm, however. If the creator knows the Charm, the cost is three motes per Charm. Other Charms cost eight motes per Charm.
  • Willpower (4m per dot): The sorcerer can raise the amalgam’s Willpower, to a maximum of 10.
  • Soak (1m per +1L/+1B): The sorcerer may increase the amalgam’s natural armor, to a maximum bonus of equal to the sorcerer’s (Essence + Occult).
  • Natural Attacks (1m per change): A normal hand-to-hand attack may be transformed as well. Each type of natural attack (punch, kick or clinch) may be altered. These changes include: convert bashing damage to lethal (1m), -1 Speed (1m), +1 Accuracy (1m), +1 Damage (1m), +1 Defense (1m), +1 Rate (1m). Rate and Speed changes may be purchased only once. The sorcerer may spend a maximum number of motes on a given natural weapon equal to his (Essence + Occult), but each weapon or attack is augmented separately.
  • Natural Ranged Attack (1m): Amalgams may have ranged weapons built into them, from bows that fold out from the bones of their forearms, to dart guns built into their chests or other strange attacks. The traits for this attack are: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage +0, Rate 1, Range 100. These attacks can be further augmented as though they were natural attacks, and the range can likewise be increased by an additional 100 per 1m. The mote spent for this weapon does apply toward the maximum number of motes that may be spent on a given natural weapon. These weapons do not produce their own ammunition.

The sorcerer does not need to know the Abilities or Charms he gives the amalgam, but he needs access to someone who does when he casts the spell. The enchanted servant, therefore, becomes a mixture of different creatures’ capabilities. Creatures who supply the templates for Abilities or Charms do not need to be willing, or even conscious, but each must be present for the entire casting of the spell and likewise bear a special pattern of jewels. No conferred Ability can exceed the rating of its “donor.”

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