Sacred Tongue

Terrestrial Circle of Emerald

Cost: 10m
Target: Caster

The Eternal Word belongs to no known language but is recognizable as a word of power in all tongues. Upon casting this spell, the sorcerer invokes that word and shapes the Essence of this spell into a mask of dusky gold that covers his ears and the lower half of his face.

When the caster speaks, the lips of the mask move to convert his words to the strange, echoing cadences of a mystic language. Everyone who hears the caster understands his words, though no one could mistake them for mundane speech. Likewise, the mask translates words spoken by others into the Sacred Tongue so the sorcerer can understand them.

The power of this spell gives the sorcerer’s words some minor magical power in and of themselves. When he makes a social attack using The Sacred Tongue, the MDVs of his listeners decrease by 1. Other people treat the sorcerer with respect, awe and fear. This spell lasts until the sun next crosses the horizon or until the caster dispels it.

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