Quick Short Summary


Trait Description
You’ll live a life slightly greater than usual, perhaps as a local hero or villain or the sidekick to a more powerful figure. At some point, your actions will affect at least a town’s worth of people. Small coincidences happen in your life, such as meeting a person who gives you useful information.
•• Your life can affect a province or small nation, and your deeds will be regional gossip for years to come. You know you’re luckier than most people, even if that luck is all bad.
••• Your deeds influence a kingdom, for better or worse, and you’ll definitely win a place in chronicles or local legends. Unlikely coincidences often help or hinder you. People quickly see you don’t live an ordinary life. Some people stay close to you for that reason. Others stay away.
•••• Your choices affect a significant part of Creation for decades to come. You might found a kingdom or destroy one. It seems nothing can kill you or avert your destiny, even if you wish it would. Bad things often happen to people you love—usually when their deaths become more useful to your destiny than their lives. Your life is often entangled with other people who have prominent destinies.
••••• One way or another, the fate of the world is in your hands. Your life is full of astounding luck and heartbreaking tragedy as your destiny relentlessly drives you toward your place in history. The Empress certainly had Destiny 5 (and it might not be over yet).
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